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About Us

Everest Solutions was founded in response to a growing need internationally to provide skilled individuals from India to work remotely. The Pandemic in 2020 forced corporations to accept the culture of working from home. This created a dual opportunity of access to highly skilled professionals in India available at very competitive prices.

To capitalize on this opportunity, corporations need to locate the talent, and once selected, need to compensate them following the Indian rules and regulations. This becomes a tall order for companies that do not already have a presence in India.




  • Who will be my employer?

    You will be an employee of Everest Solutions, an Indian company.

  • You will be paid a monthly salary on 7th of every month.

  • Our customers expect experienced professionals. We do not usually hire interns. If a customer asks for an intern, we will indicate it in the job posting.

  • Please email your resume to everestsol6@gmail.com mentioning the job you are applying for.

  • We never charge a candidate for applying or working on an assignment. If an assignment needs a candidate to sign a bond for a duration, then candidate will be required to satisfy the conditions of the bond. Most international contracts should not have this requirement.

  • Your compensation includes your cost of equipment and supplies. If you need further assistance with these to fulfill your job responsibilities, please contact us and get preauthorization to purchase items.