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Case Study 1
Turnkey Application Development
Client: GHF/FAN, Rochester, NY

Problem: GHF/FAN was using 40 different Excel spreadsheets and thousands of paper files to manage their debt collection accounts.
It could take up to 2 hours to find an account.

Solution: We developed a custom application in Visual Basic & SQL Server to manage all their debt collections from one location. The new application allows them to consolidate all the information in one place for every client and to track the information efficiently. With the new application, the current client base can expand by 600-700% before requiring additional staff.

Case Study 2
Migration From Legacy Systems
Client: Reilly Industries, Indianapolis, IN

Problem: Reilly had outgrown their existing legacy IT system. They needed to migrate their current information from a Unisys Mainframe to an open, flexible architecture.

Solution: We migrated their existing Unisys-based manufacturing system to an HP9000 running the HP-Unix OS with an Oracle Database.

The migration included the application as well as the data. The source was on Unisys mainframes in LINC (a proprietary 4GL); the converted application was in Oracle, PL/SQL, and C.

Case Study 3
Contract Programmers
Client: City of Jacksonville, FL

Problem: The City of Jacksonville was having trouble locating skilled programmers at reasonable rates who were willing to relocate to Jacksonville. In addition, the City found it difficult to recruit employees with the breadth of technological skills they require.

Solution: We identified a pool of talent that was willing to re-train and relocate to Jacksonville at a price that allowed us to meet the city's cost constraints. The result, we supply a large percentage of the city's outside programming consultants; they enjoy a cost effective, responsive, flexible staff who are able to work on various platforms. The technologies our consultants in Jacksonville are working with include Oracle, Oracle HRMS, Java, Visual Basic, and Cobol.